10 Secret Fast Food Menu Items

Some of the world’s biggest secrets aren’t in remote locations like stone henge, or the great pyramids, but they’re closer than you think. In fact they’re probably a stones throw away from you at your local fast food restaurant. 

Many of these fast food companies only have so much space on their menus for items, so they tend to keep their less popular items on the “secret menu”, that’s not to say that they’re not worth ordering, it just means they’re a little wackier than their standard menu, basically this menu just means you can still order it but you need to know about it somehow first, and that’s where we come in. 

The following 10 secret fast food menu items aren’t listed on any menus, but they can (AND SHOULD) be ordered by you at some point in your life. 

1. The Dairy Queen’s Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frozen hot chocolate is actually a thing that exists, and dairy queen has got it. It’s their standard hot chocolate except it’s blended with ice to give it a frosty crunch. 

2. McDonald’s Big Mac Poutine

Believe it or not McDonald’s classic golden fries have combinesd forces with their famous big mac sauce. This poutine isn’t very fancy at all, but just imagine their fries topped with Big Mac sauce,just that alone is worth giving this item a try. 

3. Wendy’s Grand Slam

This item also goes by the name Meat Cube, just incase you have a little trouble ordering it. It’s suitable because it literally is a cube, it’s their standard burger except it a total of four patties.

4. White Castle’s Seasoned Fries

This one isn’t so much a unique item but some local knowledge that you can get your fries with additional seasoning free of charge. All you have to do it ask! 

5. Starbucks’s Nutella Misto

Who doesn’t want a little Nutella in everything these days? Well Starbucks is no different, you can order a Caffè Misto with a shot of chocolate and hazelnut topped with caramel drizzle and it will taste exactly like nutella. 

6. Popeyes’s Naked Sandwiches

This one’s more of an option, and they don’t show it anywhere on their menus, but at Popeyes, you have the option to get your sandwich “naked,” which means no breading on your meat.

7. Long John Silver’s Side of Crumbs

At Long John Silver’s they don’t like to waste anything that’s edible, sothey offer customers a free side of batter parts. It’s basically just the crumbs that have fallen off the fish or chicken, but it’s a great topping for salads, and hey, it’s free! 

8. Dunkin’ Donuts’s Turbo Hot Coffee

At Dunkin’s you can get an extra shot of espresso in your coffee for a little bit more caffeine to get you through the day. Just ask for a Turbo. 

9. Burger King’s Frings

Can’t decide between fries and onion rings? Order the Frings and they’ll give you a container of half fries and half onion rings. Boom, problem solved.

10. McDonald’s Monster Mac

This one has been said to be an urban legend, but I’ve seen it happen. At McDonalds you can pay for extra patties on your burger, and the Monster Mac is made with eight meat patties. That’s a double double big mac! 

image credit: YT/TheOfficialZ1029