Podcast #021 – 10 Ways To De-Stess In The Classroom

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Everyone seems to have their own way of dealing with stress, for me it’s simply getting some exercise or going somewhere in nature that’s away from any technology and people, but what if that dreaded stress monster hits you in somewhere more isolated like in the classroom. Exam time can be one of the most stressful times in your life, there’s so much riding on a few questions and paragraphs that it could make even the toughest of us wither down in a mess of stress. Well there’s a few tips you can use when you’re stuck in the classroom that can instantly relieve your stress and get you back on track.

1. The first one is simple. Take a few deep breaths. That’s it! It seems obvious I know, but a few simple breaths can play a big part in nourishing your body—just ask anyone that does yoga.

2. Another simple way is to Smile. Ok, ya you might look a little crazy if someone sees you, but Smiling, even when you’re not happy, releases endorphins, the body’s natural happy drug. This will give you an instant boost of happiness, which will perk you back up.

3. Stop staring at your computer screen. Uninterrupted computer use has been associated with stress. Try the rule of 20: Every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. I use this one every day, and it works great for keeping eye strain and headaches away too.

4. Smell some lavender. Whether it’s the plant or a scented candle, the scent of lavender has been known to calm, energize, and revitalize us.

5. Go to your happy place. Just like in Happy Gilmore, closing your eyes and visualizing yourself in a calm happy place can de-stress you within seconds. Although it may seem tough to take a break when you’re constrained for time, this can actually make you more productive with the remaining time you have left.

6. Eat something. Stress is a brain and immune system mediated phenomenon, and your gut is the largest organ in your immune system, so eating will send a signal to your brain to calm down.

7. Try the Naam Yoga Hand Trick. Apply pressure to the space between your second and third knuckle (the joints at the base of your pointer and middle fingers). This can help create a sense of instant calmness.

8. Go to This site encourages you to listen to relaxing ocean sounds without touching your mouse or keyboard. How can you possibly be stressed when you’re listening to the ocean right?

9. Stretch. Stand up and do some arm, neck, and chest stretches to get your blood flowing. Good blood circulation is key to making your body feel good. Why do you think cats and dogs are always doing it?
10. Watch a funny video. You might want to make sure you have headphones on when you do this one, but by laughing at a funny video, your body increases its intake of oxygen-rich air, which simulates your heart, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. Who knew Keyboard Cat could one day get your mind into a stress free zone?

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