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14 Helpful Websites For Students

It’s pretty easy to suffer from information overload these days. The Internet has been a great thing to satisfy our growing appetites for useful and useless information, and we now spend a whole lot of time scrolling through social media sites and news aggregators to remain in the know. 

There’s also a ton of websites and apps, some of which have become incredibly successful companies, that are provide us with more than just everyday information, but also tools to improve our skills in time management, planning, brainstorming and writing. And those are just some of the more basic topics. 

Businesses have made it their business to drive the adoption of the digital age, making use of these apps and web-based tools to streamline their operations, maximize efficiency and even cut costs. 

But businesses aren’t the only focus of this amazing trend. Students also have a plethora of information available to them that will help make their lives a little easier and take their minds off the burdens of bad cafeteria food and student debt to help with increasingly rigorous post-secondary curriculums. 

Sure information is easier to access these days thanks to the Internet, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to manage. Check out these apps and websites below to instantly become a better student and uncover ways to increase your productivity and motivation. 

1. StudentRate

Part of being a student is realizing that you have to learn to live frugally, since cash flow isn’t always in your favour. Learning how to budget, in fact, might be one of the toughest skills to learn, but is a website that works to help students find deals and discounts on everything from textbooks, travel and technology. 

2. Koofers

Prepare for exams easily with Koofers, which gives students access to study flashcards. The website also provides information about job and internships opportunities. 

3. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Alarm clocks are annoying enough, but the Alarmy app boasts itself as the most annoying alarm on the planet. Never miss a early morning lecture of exam ever again. Try to sleep through it – it’s not likely you will. 

4. Brainly

Students can access Brainly to join collaborative study environments with other students for topics including history, mathematics or science, to name a few. Get ahead of your classmates while you meet some new friends with similar interests. 

5. Ambient Mixer

On you can listen to the background ambience of fictional worlds. So you can study in the Gryffindor common room, read in Belle’s library, or fall asleep in the Jedi Temple. 

6. Audible

Too tired to do a weekly reading for a class that doesn’t exactly peak your interests? Audible is a database of audiobooks that you can download to any of your mobile devices and help you keep up with your studies while you spend time waiting in line or walking around. 

7. Mint

Keep your finances in check with Mint, a desktop and mobile platform that helps you categorize and organize expenses, set budgets, stay on top of payments and meet financial goals, such as paying down debts. 

8. InstaGrok

Visualize any research topic with an interactive concept map that you can customize and share with InstaGrok. Not only does the website help make study materials a little cooler and streamlined, the interactive visual interface helps you easily remember critical information about whatever topic you please. 

9. Studious 

Never have your cell phone go off in the middle of class again and stay on your prof’s good side. 

The Studious app is available for free from the Android Play store and lets you silence your phone in class, set reminders for when homework and tests are due and even save lecture notes. 

10. SelfControl

It’s all too easy these days to get distracted online with website such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. SelfControl is a free Mac app available from the Apple App Store that lets you block your own access to distracting websites, e-mail servers, or anything else on the Internet for specified periods of time. Until the timer expires, you won’t be able to access any of those sites. 

11. TED

We’ve all heard of TED Talks, and we should all watch or listen to more of them. Not only are the “talks” motivational, they’re full of incredible useful information that you should be using as a reliable source of ideas for projects. 

12. SugarSync

Keep files and folders secure in the cloud for a small monthly fee. The SugarSync app also syncs all of your files on multiple devices so you can access them from anywhere. 

13. Wolfram Alpha

You should never use Wikipedia as a source for essays or other written projects simply because it’s all user-generated and not always completely accurate. Professors hate it, and it also make you look like a bit of an amateur. Instead, take advantage of Wolfgram Alpha  is more than a search engine. It gives you access to the world’s facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics, which is more than a search engine and gives you access to a ton of expert knowledge and trustworthy information and data across a range of topics. 

14. BookScouter

Looking to score some extra cash for your old books/textbooks? Use the BookScouter app to sell them. The app lets you scan your barcodes and instantly offers you 20 different prices from buyback book companies.