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6 Reasons You Should Add Cashews To Your Diet

Did you know that bacteria that causes tooth decay, acne, tuberculosis, and leprosy, can be killed off by eating cashews. You heard right, cashews kills off bacteria! 

Cashew nuts, those kidney shaped seeds, are found on cashew trees which are found commercially produced in Nigeria, India, Brazil, Tanzania and Mozambique. These delicious cashews are 82% unsaturated fats that 66% of them contain a monounsaturated type of fat that promotes heart health. Unlike other nuts that should be considered a sometimes food due to their high fat content, cashews are healthier than most with a much lower amount of fat.

This energizing type of nut, creates saliva by making you chew extra, as it cleans in between the teeth which will help reduce cavity causing bacteria. Rich in copper, magnesium, oleic acid and dietary fiber, cashews also contain anacardic, an antioxidant with anti-tumor and anti-helicobacter pylori to defeat issues involving gut health and plays a role in helping beat cancers. 

But that’s not all eating a handful of tasty cashews can do for you here’s 6 other reason you should add cashews to your diet…

  1. Lowers Weight Gain. Everyone wants to avoid packing on the pounds and surprisingly a way to avoid it is by eating cashews. Those who consume cashews twice a week have a lower chance of gaining weight due to leaving you satisfied and giving you a feeling of fullness.
  2. Helps Prevent Gallstones. Cashews are great at maintaining cholesterol levels which are crucial in the prevention of gallstones. 
  3. Keeps Hypertension at Bay. The risk of getting cardiovascular disease is lowered just by consuming more cashews which also helps in lowering blood pressure.
  4. Strengthens Bone Health. Containing vitamin K as well as calcium and especially magnesium and other vitamins help in strengthening your bones. 
  5. Helps With Nervous Health. Stabilizing mood, its magnesium, niacin and B6 help in creating serotonin, which is the ‘happy hormone’. 
  6. Helps Our Vision. Consuming cashews is a great way  to help in lowering the risk of eye damage as we age, helping in protecting from blindness and even cataracts. 

Cashews are truly underrated when it comes to all the many benefits they provide to you, not just their delicious taste. Eating these cashews at least twice a week can truly help in keeping you healthy and helping prevent future medical issues. Just like everything else cashews should be eaten in moderation which should be about a small handful of approximately 15 cashews. 

So take steps to better your health and start adding cashews to your day!