7 Reasons You Should Start Doing Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing for a few minutes a day is like a massage for your internal organs. It will improve your entire body’s circulation. As you start to relax your muscles, you’re improving the dilation of blood vessels which not only lowers blood pressure but improves circulation.There’s nothing a little deep breathing can’t make a little bit better. Angry? Take some deep breaths. Panic attack? Take some deep breaths. In pain? Breathe deeply. Taking deep breaths can not only help your mental health but your physical health as well.

1. Detoxifies The Body.

It does so as it helps stimulate the lymphatic system as you are practicing deep breathing you’re causing your diaphragm to expand. Deep rhythmic breathing massages the lymphatic system helping eliminate toxins.

2. Helps Provide Pain Relief.

There is a reason when a person’s in labor they’re instructed to practice rhythmic deep breathing…it’s a great pain reliever. Many will have shallow, rapid breaths which makes you focus on the pain whereas deep breaths will lessen muscle tension and reduce pain.

3. Decreases Stress.

These deep breathing techniques will help you feel more peaceful and relaxed. Messages are sent to your brain calming you down allowing you to lower stress and relax. Just breathe!

4. You’ll Think Clearer.

When we’re upset it’s very common to say things that may be hurtful but may also be something you didn’t actually really mean but you blurted it out in the moment. Taking a few deep breaths before speaking will let you gather your thoughts and make appropriate choices and not on the wim. 

5. Healthier Lungs.

You can work towards reaching the optimum capacity of your lungs. Practicing this, you expand your belly leaving you aware of your diaphragm and as you practice deep breathing you then expand and open your ribs allowing them to open up which then allows you to reach your lungs’ full capacity.

6. Improves Immunity.

The practice of deep breathing will allow more oxygen to get to our cells, increasing your breathing capacity which will then help in activating your breath. Your diaphragm is also activated, fixing your breathing and lessening stress which can lead to various health issues. 

7. Digestion Is Improved. 

Those who are no stranger to GI issues find that diaphragmatic breathing can greatly help. As you breathe deeply, your stomach moves with each breath expanding and contracting. This is a great exercise to do before and after we eat. 

When it comes to how often you should be practicing deep breathing, you should be doing so at least 5 to 10 minutes a day. If you’re overly stressed or need to unwind feel free to do so whenever needed. Creating a routine daily to sit and meditate, practicing on your breathing can help reduce the amount of stress and tension in your life. 

So with everything going on in the world, just breathe.