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  • Why You Should Start Putting Green Tea Bags In Your Bath

    By simply dropping 5-10 green tea bags in while the water is running, you can transform your normal bath, into a simple detox bath that will relax your body and give your skin an ample amount of minerals. Also. applying the bags to your hair will help get rid of dandruff and promote hair growth/reduce […] More

  • How To Use Potatoes To Remove Bags Under Your Eyes

    Do you want to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes? Have you been looking for cheap but effective products to prevent yourself from having eye bags? This article can help you become educated on how you can achieve that eye bags-free look. Dark circles under the eyes, more commonly known as eye […] More

  • How To Get Cheap Jewelry From High End Jewellers

    Everyone wants to be a savvy buyer, and times like today there’s no excuse not to be one. It’s a well known fact especially to those in the diamond industry that a well thought out ring is a symbol of love and commitment from one another. The mainstream jewelry industry uses this knowledge in order […] More

  • Where To Spray Perfume To Smell Good All Day Long

    Smelling good with your favorite scent just instantly lifts your confidence and mood. Whether you are using Marilyn Monroe’s signature scent, the Chanel No. 5, or you like to dab on different fragrances daily, it all boils down to a single goal – to make you smell good all day long.  Oftentimes, this is taken […] More

  • Why You Should Never Trust A Product That Is “Clinically Proven”

    Nowadays advertising is everything. The way someone portrays a product to the public is often more important than the product itself. And because companies are aware of this, they try to get sneakier, and sneakier when it comes to the wording in their marketing, which can often mislead consumers to think something completely different. One […] More

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