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  • How To Pick The Best Apples Using Those Little Stickers

    Although you may think that all apples you see in the supermarket are the same, they fall into different types of categories. While most people aren’t that particular with the apples that they buy, some people only want organic apples and the like. The good news here is that there is a way to differentiate […] More

  • Feeling Stressed? Grab a Banana or an Avocado to Relax Your Mind

    It is normal to feel stressed. In fact, it can sometimes be useful as it motivates you to push yourself harder. However, if you don’t handle your stress the right way, it will affect your mental and physical health.  Causes of Stress Each person has a different stress trigger. According to a survey, 40% of […] More

  • King Arthur Flour Has A Hotline You Can Call For Baking Emergencies

    If you’re ever stuck on something while baking, you should know that King Arthur Flour has a baker’s hotline set up where you can talk to a professional baker free of charge. They’ll walk you through your problem step by step. The number is (855) 371-2253. Through the website you’re given the resources you […] More

  • How to Tell if Your Avocado is Ripe Enough To Eat

    Aside from being delicious and a great addition to many recipes, avocados also offer various health benefits for those who eat them. However, gauging whether or not your avocado is ripe enough to eat can be incredibly difficult, especially since they’re only sliced open when they’re about to be served. Moreover, avocados don’t ripen while […] More

  • 6 Reasons You Should Add Cashews To Your Diet

    Did you know that bacteria that causes tooth decay, acne, tuberculosis, and leprosy, can be killed off by eating cashews. You heard right, cashews kills off bacteria!  Cashew nuts, those kidney shaped seeds, are found on cashew trees which are found commercially produced in Nigeria, India, Brazil, Tanzania and Mozambique. These delicious cashews are 82% […] More

  • Want To Make Your Cheap Wine Taste Amazing? This Trick Is All You Need

    For wine enthusiasts, nothing tastes better than a finely aged one. However, fine wines are normally expensive, so a lot of people who like to drink wine often resort to buying cheaper ones. Unfortunately, cheap wines won’t even come close to fine wines in terms of the quality and taste. But it doesn’t mean that […] More

  • How To Use Your Hand To Tell When Your Meat Is Done

    It’s finally Spring – the time of year to take advantage of the warm, beautiful weather and spend as much time as we can outside before the grey misery of winter sets in.  That also means it’s time to fire up the barbeque and make it a habit of grilling out. For whatever reason, something […] More

  • How To Ripen A Banana In 40 Minutes

    I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that loved baking. One of the staples my Mom and Nana mastered was a delicious, moist banana bread. Thing is, there’s a very fine line between a banana that’s not quite ripe enough and those that are perfect for said banana bread.  So, what if […] More

  • Why You Should Freeze Your Cheese

    If you’re an avid cheese lover like me, you have the utmost respect for every piece of cheese you’ve come across in your lifetime. And what way to show your true love for cheese than to throw it in the freezer. Ok, that last sentence may have seemed a little weird if you don’t know […] More

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