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Confidence is not about being liked; instead, it’s about being fine even when other people do not like or agree with what you are doing. This is a popular meme that did rounds a while back, and it couldn’t be any more accurate. Contrary to popular belief, confidence is not about what other people think…

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Feeling anxious/depressed? Watch your favorite movie. A recent study shows the repetition of a movie calms you. Knowing the outcome of a story helps you feel safe in an unpredictable world, and comforts you by recapturing lost feelings. Battling the blues can be tough and sometimes seeming like it may not get any better. Whether…

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Have you ever wondered how your toothpaste repairs tooth enamel? Many toothpaste commercials today are actively persuading the market to buy because their product is best for tooth enamel repair. If there is one thing that makes toothpaste a legitimate teeth enamel repair product, it is the active ingredients. If your toothpaste claims that it…

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