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  • The Incredible Health Benefits You Get From Colouring

    Remember all those countless hours colouring as a kid? The idea of having freshly sharpened pencils and crayons and a brand new colouring book was so exciting! Do you remember trying to find that perfect colouring page that had to be just right and would fit your mood perfectly? The more we concentrated on colouring, […] More

  • Why You Should Look At Cute Pictures Of Baby Animals Every Morning

    It may sound absurd but looking at cute baby animals has been proven to increase concentration and productivity by up to 44%. If cute baby animals weren’t wonderful enough, they can even get you to become a more productive student or employee all by simply looking at them.  At Japan’s Hiroshima University, psychological scientists found […] More

  • Why You NEED To Add Plants To Your Home Office

    Studies show that having plants in your office can help you think more clearly and recall more information. This is due to that fact that our brains benefit from exposure to nature. Plants are not only absolutely beautiful to look at, they can make a room appear brighter, cleaner and more welcoming for guests, employees […] More

  • 7 Life Hacks For Lazy People

    Bill gates once said that he always hire a lazy person to do a difficult job when he was at Microsoft. The idea obviously wasn’t to sabotage his own company, but he found that the lazy person would always find the easiest way to complete the task at hand.  That’s why there’s nothing better these […] More

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