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  • Grammar Rules You’ve Almost Certainly Forgotten By Now

    In this new era of texts, emojis, and tweets fewer and fewer people are focusing on they are grammar today than ever before. Most people can’t remember the last time that they actually sat down and wrote out a letter to someone, and a lot of folks would really struggle just to address an envelope […] More

  • 14 Helpful Websites For Students

    It’s pretty easy to suffer from information overload these days. The Internet has been a great thing to satisfy our growing appetites for useful and useless information, and we now spend a whole lot of time scrolling through social media sites and news aggregators to remain in the know.  There’s also a ton of websites […] More

  • Harvard Is Now Offering 67 Free Courses To Help Keep Our Minds Sharp

    With almost all of the world in some form of lockdown, it’s important to keep our minds active and keep pursuing our daily brain development. Sure, we could bust out the SUDOKU puzzles and play some brain teasing games, but there’s now a much better way thanks to Harvard University. The people at Harvard have […] More

  • How To Remove Highlighter From Your Notebook

    There’s erasers for pencils, white out for pens, and even a delete button for all your digital blemishes, but what about highlighters? It’s so easy to highlight a few extra words, and there doesn’t seem to be any way back, until I found out this little trick. If you ever need to remove a line […] More

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