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With most of the world stuck at home there seems to be more and more business’ adapting to their situations. Some celebrities are reading to their followings like Lavar Burton, there are now a whole bunch of museums that are offering digital tours, and now the Georgia Aquarium is offering live webcam feeds. After adding…

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With all the COVID-19 self-isolating we are doing, internet use is at an all time high, but this also means that data tracking is as well. It’s no surprise that after data recently became the most valuable commodity on the planet, big companies have taken to collecting data like it’s free money. Google is no…

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There’s nothing worse than reading a book and coming across a section where the author clearly has no freakin’ clue what he’s talking about. It’s usually some sort of intellectual field like science, law, etc. Most people won’t really notice that they used the law of thermodynamics incorrectly, but to those in the science field,…

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