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The Georgia Aquarium Is Now Offering Live Webcam Feeds To People Stuck At Home

With most of the world stuck at home there seems to be more and more business’ adapting to their situations. Some celebrities are reading to their followings like Lavar Burton, there are now a whole bunch of museums that are offering digital tours, and now the Georgia Aquarium is offering live webcam feeds.

After adding a sign about their business closing due to COVID-19, the Georgia Aquarium decided to add a whole bunch of live webcams of their popular exhibits. Now anyone can take a digital tour of their aquarium from the comfort of their own home, and the best part is that it’s 100% free!

The entire exhibit consists of 9 webcam feeds, including California Sea Lions, Piranhas, African Penguins, Underwater Puffins, Ocean Voyager, Southern Sea Otters, Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef, Jellyfish, and Beluga Whales.

Most cameras have the ability to move around and show you the entire exhibit, and if you’re lucky enough to time things right, you might even end up getting to watch the penguins feeding time.

You can check out the Georgia Aquarium’s live webcam feeds over at their website.