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Good News Everyone: New Study Suggests Red Wine Is As Good As An Hour At The Gym

Although everyone probably wants to lose weight, very few are actually willing to drag their bums to the gym to get it done. Of course, considering all of the things that need to be accomplished in a single day, majority of individuals barely have the time to spare for a workout. What many of us do have time for however, is a nice glass of wine at the end of a long tiring day.

While a glass of red wine might work wonders when it comes to relieving stress, it might be doing much more for your body than you realize.

The Truth about Red Wine

Time and time again, we’ve heard about the many benefits of red wine when it comes to our health, but aside from these common advantages, there’s another good reason why this beverage should be made a part of your everyday diet. According to recent research conducted by experts at the University of Alberta in Canada, downing a glass of red wine everyday is equivalent to an hour’s worth of working out at the gym.

Chief researcher, Jason Dyck, claimed that based on the findings of their research, those who consistently and frequently drink red wine experience improved heart function, enhanced physical performance, and increased muscle strength, the extent of which was comparable to an hour-long gym session every day.

The Secret Ingredient

The researchers were able to pinpoint a specific compound found in red wine to be responsible for the improvements in the subjects of their study. Resveratrol, commonly found in red wine, is said to mimic the results of physical exercise, meaning those who don’t have the time for the gym or those who are incapable of performing physical exercise still stand a chance at losing weight by consuming this compound.

What’s remarkable is that this isn’t the only study of its kind. Throughout the years, there have been more than a handful of researches conducted with reserveratrol as their main focus all because of these amazing advantages. Despite the remarkable benefits however, researchers don’t want to risk being misunderstood.

It’s worth reminding that red wine is still an alcoholic beverage, and although it does have some health benefits, it doesn’t mean people are being encouraged to take advantage of the drink and consume copious amounts. The key is to take everything in moderation and to drink only what your body requires. This way, you can maximize the gains and still keep your liver safe from the damages of alcohol.