How To Get Discounts On Almost Anything You Purchase Online

When online shopping was introduced to the internet, the commerce game was changed forever. Companies that failed to adapt went bankrupt, while other companies like Amazon saw this as an opportunity to take over the world. 

But companies were’t the only ones to benefit from the convenience of online shopping, having things sent to your door is a life hack in itself. The amount of time and money you can save (if you know what you’re doing) can really add to your productivity and bottom line. 

Certain online retailers, however, like to use the same old tactic that can be taken advantage of to get some pretty killer discounts. 

A lot of them use what’s called an autoresponder, to send you discounts on items that you’ve added to your cart, but haven’t followed through on buying yet. What this is supposed to do is push people who are hesitant to buying the product (using this special “limited time” discount). 

So how can we take advantage of this? Well, it’s simple, if you’re looking to buy an item that isn’t something you need right away, make an account with the website (make sure to use your real email) and add the item to your cart. Now sit back and wait for the discounts to roll into your inbox. 

The best part is that it’s not even human beings sending you the discount! They’re all emails set up by the owners to automatically trigger once something matches their criteria. 

Unfortunately this little trick doesn’t work on some of the bigger sites like Amazon, trust me I’ve tried, but a lot of smaller niche stores employ this tactic which we can take advantage of to save some money online. 

BONUS: Another way to get a quick discount on online purchases is to google coupon codes for the item you’re trying to purchase. Sometimes companies give out discount during down months, or for special occasion. and something as simple as googling “your product/service coupon code” can save you a 25-50%.