How To Remember Your Dreams Using A Single Glass Of Water

The purpose and content of dreams, especially those good ones, aren’t fully understood but have been studied and discussed throughout history. The unconscious mind according to Sigmund Frued repressed desires that may not be able to be expressed, and while dreaming, you’re finally able to act on them. Many of our dreams unfortunately leave us without even being able to remember the littlest details.

On occasion, you may find you’re able to remember bits and pieces of a dream and no matter what you do you just can’t seem to pinpoint just what it is you’ve dreamt about. That’s where drinking a half glass of water comes in. If you really want to remember your dreams, drink half a glass of water before going to bed and a half a glass of water when waking up. 

When drinking a glass of water, your body after an REM cycle will signal that you need to wake up and go use the bathroom. You’re more likely to remember a dream during the night when you wake up rather than in the morning so it’s a good idea to journal your dreams before going back to sleep.

This isn’t the only way that people find they’re able to better remember what they’ve dreamt of, you should also try these techniques out…

Set Your Alarm.

Okay, this may sound torturous especially if you get woken up from a dream that you wanted to stay in but setting your alarm for every 90 minutes to 100 may help. Generally speaking, after we initially doze off and fall asleep, about 90 minutes later we enter REM. This is the stage where we have vivid dreams so waking up right after REM you’ll be able to remember what you were just dreaming about.

Meditate In Bed.

After powering everything down and going to bed, it’s a really good idea to lay down in the dark and work on deep breathing as you meditate into eventually a hypnagogic dream.

Keep A Journal.

Just like I mentioned earlier, next to your bed leave a pen and paper or a dream journal and any time you wake, write down any words, images, smells, anything you can remember about your dream and it’ll be easier to piece together. 

Don’t Jump Right Out Of Bed.

Whether it’s the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, don’t just jump right out of bed. Lay there for a few minutes without moving and try and think about your dreams and what you may remember.

Are you hoping to remember a dream of you speaking to a deceased relative, or wanting to dream about what it would be like to win a mega millions jackpot or what about wandering a beautiful vineyard in the hills of Napa with your celebrity crush, following these simple tricks just may do the trick to remember your dreams.

When dreams are that good, don’t just let them slip away!