How To Rescue An Over-Salted Soup

You’ve spent half the day in the kitchen making the perfect meal, and as you add in that last dash of salt, things take a turn for the worse. The recipe said teaspoons, not tablespoons, and now you find yourself sitting in front of an over salted soup. Sure, you could just throw it out and start again, but there is a little trick that can fix that over-salted mess. Thankfully salt can be diluted in a number of ways. 

First you can try to combat your over-salty soup by adding some more ingredients like celery, onion, leeks, etc. The more ingredients you add in the less you’ll taste the saltiness. Just make sure you’re giving them enough time in the pot to cook. 

You can also try adding in some starchy foods like peeled potatoes, rice, or pasta. These are commonly said to absorb the salt directly, but really it’s just absorbing the water (which does have salt in it), and will definitely help, but it’s not a technique that will work all by itself. 

There’s another way to magic trick that can help out, using acidity. You can balance out the salt by adding in some acid. That’s right, I said acid. Not sulphuric acid, just liquids such as lemon or lime juice, wine, or even vinegar. A dash of any of these can counter balance any amount of salt you throw in there. 

If all else fails, you can always go ahead and dilute your soup with some water, stock, or cream/milk for the creamier soups. Keep in mind that this does ruin the portions sizes of your original recipe by throwing off the broth and food balance.