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If Your Toothpaste Doesn’t Contain THIS Ingredient, It Won’t Actually Repair Your Teeth

Have you ever wondered how your toothpaste repairs tooth enamel? Many toothpaste commercials today are actively persuading the market to buy because their product is best for tooth enamel repair. If there is one thing that makes toothpaste a legitimate teeth enamel repair product, it is the active ingredients.

If your toothpaste claims that it can repair your broken teeth, then you have to check if it contains “NovaMin” as its active ingredient. It’s basically the only ingredient capable of repairing damaged teeth. Unlike sodium fluoride, which is a more known ingredient in toothpaste, NovaMin has better remineralization effects and fortifying layers on carious-like lesions in teeth.

What is NovaMin and how does it work?

NovaMin is a synthetic mineral based on silica, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium composition. This mineral composition releases crystalline hydroxyl-carbonate apatite deposits that are similar in structure with the mineral composition of a tooth. NovaMin is a creation of two genius dentists from the University of Maryland, Leonard Litkowski and Gary Hack, who were awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007.

The functions of every composition provide ample support for the enamel to develop a harder shell. It acts as the protective layer for food and drinks with corrosive substances, and it fortifies the enamel from aggressive damages of toothbrushing. Also, NovaMin desensitizes the tooth from hot and cold. It helps in reducing the risks of gum diseases and gingival bleeding.

A recent study in 2012 also tested NovaMin’s capacity to increase the strength of the tooth enamel from corrosive substances like acidic foods and drinks and how the composite adds better protection from it. It was later concluded that NovaMin has an excellent performance in the remineralization of lesions in teeth surfaces than common fluoride dentifrice.

Do all toothpaste brands have NovaMin as their active ingredient?

As NovaMin is a current innovation in the oral health industry, only a few brands are known to have it as their active ingredient. Most companies have remained to produce sodium-fluoride toothpaste due to its cheaper production costs. Nonetheless, it will be inevitable that future dentifrice formulations will have NovaMin to aid in the desensitization of the tooth and fortification of the teeth enamel.

To check if your toothpaste product contains NovaMin, look for its ingredient or formulation section on the packaging or tube. If it indicates NovaMin as its active ingredient, then you can be sure that the product helps in strengthening your teeth. Other indications include the mineral composites of sodium, phosphorus, silica, and calcium found altogether.

You can consult your dentist to know the best toothpaste brand with NovaMin as their active ingredient. The best thing about this mineral composite is its non-corrosive formulation and good score on the Surface Micro Hardness (SMH) test.

One well-known product in the market known to have NovaMin is Sensodyne. This toothpaste brand boasts of its reputation of fortifying the teeth enamel, desensitization of the teeth and gums, and providing rapid relief from gum discomforts brought by food and drinks.

You can also check other toothpaste brands in the market that features NovaMin as an active ingredient. Just check on the product’s specifications found on the packaging or tube labels.