King Arthur Flour Has A Hotline You Can Call For Baking Emergencies

If you’re ever stuck on something while baking, you should know that King Arthur Flour has a baker’s hotline set up where you can talk to a professional baker free of charge. They’ll walk you through your problem step by step.

The number is (855) 371-2253. Through the website you’re given the resources you need to become a better baker with various information found all in one site. Created for experienced bakers and those new to the kitchen, this site gives you dozens of crucial tools for the kitchen to create a successful treat.

This employee owned company has spent generations helping customers from all over make the perfect treat by answering questions, giving people helpful information as well as some needed inspiration connecting the community through- you guessed it, baking! By contacting the Baker’s Hotline, whether by email, phone or online chat, you’re able to connect with one of their many baking specialists.

For those of you fortunate enough to be located near King Arthur Flour in Vermont or The Bread Lab in Washington you’re able to take part in an on site baking school. From kids’ classes to professional or home bakers,  there’s a class fit for all skill levels. A great place to find new recipes to try out, King Arthur Flour’s site has a quality collection of recipes that are baker tested and approved. With various categories sorted by the type of dish you’re making (muffins, buns, rolls, pies etc.. to name a few) you’re left with an ingredients list, nutritional information and instructions to perfect your technique.

Other offerings that King Arthur Flour provides…

  • A recipe success guide with information to know before you start.
  • An online store with a variety of items to purchase.
  • Measurement standards show you how to properly measure wet and dry ingredients.
  • Ingredients standards help you to know what ingredients you should always have on hand.
  • Mixing standards directions how to properly knead, mix and whisk
  • Pan standards explains which pan and size you need for each item you’re baking.
  • Oven standards show you how long you should be preheating and which rack to use.
  • Blog and Story posts provide the community with tips, techniques and story posts everyone can relate to.
  • Baking videos with several episodes of The Isolation Baking Show, there are numerous episodes to view in the series.
  • A gluten free baking guide provides those with gluten free lifestyles information and recipes to fit your dietary needs.