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Looking For The Best Spot At A Concert? Sit As Close To The Sound Engineer As Possible!

It’s not all the time that you can get to be in a concert, so if given the chance, you should grab the opportunity and try to make it one of the best nights in your life. However, you can only go so far as to book the best ticket your budget will allow you, dress to impress, and go there early. When you get inside the venue, it can be a different story, especially when you realize you might not have the best view after all. Still, is there really nothing you can do about it? We beg to differ.

Back to the Basics

When it comes to concerts and performances in large areas, both open-aired or indoors, sound and lighting quality are both essentials and at the top priority. Anything can go wrong during the whole ordeal and the show can still go on, but if the sound is botchy and the lighting is poorly placed, nobody will enjoy the experience, not even the performers. 

Once you are aware of this, you can determine that sight and hearing are the senses that go hand in hand to make the show successful, so you look for the operator that controls that field of expertise. We’re talking about the sound or audio engineer.

Get Close to the Controls

Given that the audio engineer will be handling all the sound controls for the entire show, it will be expected that he has to have a clear and unobstructed line of sight from the audience to the stage so he can see how the entire thing plays out. This is the ultimate indication of the best spot.

Well, the most expensive tickets are upfront, and thus those in there have a better view of the performers, but practically speaking, we’re talking about the value you’re getting for the money you paid for. So, if you can get yourself a good view of the show at half the VIP ticket price, you just saved yourself a good couple of bucks.

Scouting the Location

Once the venue for the concert is released online, get yourself a copy of the floor plan of the concert hall and locate where the sound booth is. Remember that this is an open area similar to a workspace, so you can bet it’s different from the technical room where all the main equipment and switches are located. It is usually elevated to a level aligning it to the stage, but it can vary from one location to the next. When you find it, get the tickets in that area.

Now that you know all that, you don’t have to pay a full price for a VIP ticket and still make the most out of the experience. You see, concerts and live performances give us all a deeper sense of appreciation for the art, but we don’t always have to spend as much as the wealthy do. It’s all about smart spending and good decision-making. This is a pretty neat piece of information that can be in handy the next time you go to a concert. We hope this helps!