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Looking To Boost Your Metabolism? Cold Water Could Be The Answer

We all know getting enough water is a big part in staying healthy, but did you know that it can actually boost your metabolism too? Drinking 2 cups of COLD water on an empty stomach has recently been proven to boost your metabolism by up to 30%. A great addition to any diet!

Our organs and cells need water to function properly and by drinking our recommended amount we’re doing our job to keep your body healthy and working the way it should. 

Some other benefits of drinking cold water…

Oxygen is delivered. H2O is created by one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms and those molecules by simply

drinking water help in delivering oxygen throughout our bodies. Our blood consists of 90% water while it also carries oxygen to various parts of the body. 

Helps with your digestion. The body absorbs nutrients as we drink water which will help with the digestive process and is essential for a healthy gut. Food is also broken down by water allowing for easier absorption.

Boosts weight loss. When it comes to weight loss it’s difficult for most but when it comes to adding cold water to the mix, it makes that struggle a little bit easier. Drinking that glass of water will help you lose weight as your body works hard maintaining its core temperature which leads to extra calories being burned, stomach muscles contracting and it may even help in allowing you to maintain a healthy weight. 

Improves your workout. Hydration is beneficial when it comes to physical activity. Drinking water during exercise gives your body the extra energy it needs to get the best from your workout. Your core temperature is lowered keeping your body from overheating. When you sweat, your body loses fluids so drinking cold water during a workout will replenish what was lost and what your body needs.

 According to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, they’ve suggested women and men over 19 consume the recommended amount of water. For females 2.7 liters a day and for men as much as 3.7 liters. 

So begin carrying around ice water wherever you go and get ready to work on those abs… What are you waiting for?!