The Magic Words You Need To Say To Creditors, Lenders, Etc. To Get Your Payments Deferred

Now that most of us have experienced at least a few weeks in self-isolation or full out lockdown, those bills seem to be piling up, and for some of us are causing a panic to where the money for them is going to come.

Well, thanks to a Facebook post from a man named Rob Carlos, there is a little trick that has been going around that may help when it comes to getting companies to defer payments, halt late fees, etc.

When asking your creditors, mortgage lenders, utilities, etc. for help due to loss of income, say the words “I have no income due to Coronavirus”. This is the keyword that companies need to hear to be able to engage their new policies. 

What apparently is happening, is debt collectors are being trained to only being able to help people out that say this magic line, and according to the post, they’re also not allowed to coach you to mention the Coronavirus. So no matter how nice the person on the other line is, it’s up to you to mention the coronavirus yourself, and link it to why you aren’t going to be paying your bill this month.

Now, keep in mind, this information is coming from a random viral Facebook post that may or may not have merit, but just in case this IS true, it wouldn’t hurt to mention the fact that your loss of income is due to COVID-19.