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New Study Suggests Watching Your Favorite Movie Can Help With Anxiety/Depression

Feeling anxious/depressed? Watch your favorite movie. A recent study shows the repetition of a movie calms you. Knowing the outcome of a story helps you feel safe in an unpredictable world, and comforts you by recapturing lost feelings. Battling the blues can be tough and sometimes seeming like it may not get any better. Whether you’re suffering from mental health issues, a bad day/week or even everyday stress of the new normal of the unknown, illnesses and quarantine, taking some time out to watch your favorite movies can be a quick fix to your funk. 

Engross yourself in a movie or two that you love so much that’ll have you smiling ear to ear and looking forward to your favorite scenes, lines and knowing what to expect will hopefully help you forget about your troubles. We all need a distraction and what better way to distract ourselves than some cinema therapy. When it comes to the way our brains work and when it comes to our favorite movies, it’s easy, we simply find comfort and solace in knowing what’s to happen and the outcome of the movie without anxiously waiting for the unknown. 

Not for the faint of heart but it has been shown that there are some people dealing with anxiety that have found that watching horror movies is a helpful distraction from personal issues causing them distress. So if your favorite movie is a horror movie, go on and watch it! Adrenaline levels are increased relieving any form of anxiety making you feel better. This doesn’t go for everyone since it may also cause persistent anxiety in others. If horror movies aren’t your thing, no worries… here are some popular favorites that’ll brighten up your day. 

  1. Mamma Mia! The movie
  2. 13 Going On 30
  3. Catch Me If You Can
  4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  5. Bridesmaids
  6. Bad Moms
  7. SIlver Linings Playbook
  8. Legally Blonde
  9. The Breakfast Club
  10. Mrs Doubtfire

Why stay in your pajamas all day sulking in your tears or eating your feelings? Simply gather your favorite movies or give some of these recommendations a try. 

So what’s your go to movie to watch that lifts up your spirits?