Do You Know What Your House Really Smells Like? You Could Be “Nose Blind”

Today we’re going to answer a real nail biting question, do you really know what your house smells like?

You hang out in your house for large amounts of time, and even when you’re sleeping, it causes your sense of smell to become blind to the natural odor of your house. It’s almost like you become immune to it.

The science behind this, is that your nose receptors pick up new operant molecules all the time, and send this information to your brains olfactory bulb, which is part of the limbic system. If the scent has been picked up as being non threatening than your receptors shut off. So basically every scent in your house is telling your brain that it’s non threatening.

This is not to say that your house smells bad, or that there’s an old rotting piece of chicken rotting underneath the sink that your nose just isn’t picking up. It just means that you truly don’t get to know the smell of your own house like a normal visitor would.

So how do you smell what your house really smells like?

The best way to really smell your house through the nose of a guest, is to pay attention to the smell of it when you first come back from a vacation or a weekend away. The more time you spend away from your house, the more time you’re receptors have to reset the smells they are used to smelling, thus this is what your house truly smells like.

Another way to keep your receptors at bay, is to have an intense exercise session. Go out for a run, jog, bike ride or hit the gym hard, whatever it takes to get your blood flowing. What this does is it ultimately helps your nose pick up on the familiar smells lurking in your household.

The last way is a little bit of a strange one. Actually worrying about the smell of your house helps you pick up on those odors that have become all too familiar. The fear interferes with your sensory adaptation of smell, although worrying in itself brings on other problems, so I would only use this one as a last resort, like if your in-laws are coming over.