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How To Open A Bottle With A Lighter

Every group of friends has that one guy or girl that can open a bottle with their teeth. Handy in a pinch indeed, especially when a bottle opener’s nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most intelligent way to get out of said pinch.

Thankfully, almost anything can be used to open a bottle. And the majority of them are hidden in plain sight

  1. Grip the bottle firmly, holding the neck in a thumbs-up manner.
  2. Place your thumb on the cap and insert the bottom of the lighter between your top finger and bottom of the bottle cap.
  3. Tighten your grip around the bottle neck and wrap the lighter level around your finger, and if you’re holding the bottle right, the cap should pop off. It might take a few attempts at first, but it’s all about finding that sweet spot, and once you do, it gets easier every time.

The key to this is leverage – don’t impede the cap in any way except for the lever. Use the largest knuckle of your index finger as the fulcrum for your level. If you do it correctly, it should look something like this… 

BONUS: You can also use the lighter to heat around the cap. The metal will expand and make it easier to pop off. Just be careful not to burn yourself. Find a cloth to cover the cap before trying to pop it off by hand.

image/video credit: WikiHow