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Podcast #019 – How I Quit Smoking With Life Hacks

One of the hardest things I’ve done in my 30 years on this planet was quitting smoking. I was a smoker from the age of 18 up until two years ago on December 20th and haven’t had a single puff since. I always said to myself that I’d quit one day, and that I wouldn’t smoke my whole life, which I guess was true, but 2 years quickly turned into 5 and 5 years to 10. And when I realized I had been sucking back cigarettes every day for over a decade, I finally said enough is enough.

I managed to quit on my first attempt, which I know is a very tough thing to do, but it can be done! I broke it down into smaller feats, the first one was to go one full day without smoking, if I could do one day then I knew I could do two, if I could do two days then I knew I could do a week. And once I got to a week I was in the clear, I knew I wasn’t going to give in. Really the toughest part though was those first two days, they are the initial hump days that you really need to focus on.

Over these days I tried everything in my power to keep smoking off my mind. I went to the gym and hit the sauna every single day, this helped me sweat out all the nicotine in my system. I drank as much water as I could, which also helped flush out the toxins out of my system. I’ve also heard chewing on fennel seeds can help to achieve the same results and also keep your mouth active when cravings arise.

Leading up to when I knew I was quitting I tried to cut down as much as possible, instead of having a whole cigarette, each time I went out I just smoked half. Doing this instantly cut my nicotine intake in half. I also bought the cheapest most disgusting cigarettes I could find so that I wouldn’t even really want one.

The day before I quit I cleaned my house from top to bottom. Making sure to throw out any lighters, matches, empty packs of smokes, and anything that smells like smoke. Including clothing!

The app QuitNow also helped me along my journey. It kept track of my health improvements, the cigarettes I haven’t smoked, and the money I was saving, which being the frugal Scottish guy I am was definitely the most motivating part. I know it should probablybe the health part, but actually seeing the difference it brouhgt to my bank account felt pretty damn good.

Another hack I heard of, but didn’t try, was to lick a little salt with the tip of your tongue whenever you feel the urge to smoke. This is said to break the habit within a month.

Lastly if you’re trying to quit smoking, don’t forget to reward yourself. Along with the health benefits, quitting smoking saves you a lot of money, so treat yourself every once in a while to give you some extra motivation. Good luck on your journey.

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