Star Wars, DC, Studio Ghibli And More Release Iconic Backgrounds For Your Next Zoom Meeting

As most non-essential workers continue working from home, the go to platform for meetings seem to be through Zoom. And depending on how strict your co-workers are, you’ve probably messed around in the program enough to figure out that you can customize your zoom background.

Some major companies have hoped on this bangwagon, giving out free background so you can have your meetings on the Death Star or in Gotham city with a full out bat signal shining over your head.

Star wars released several zoom backgrounds including Cloud City, The Death Star, The Emperor’s Throne, Jakku, and more.

DC is offering a collection of your favourite superhero backdrops like Gothan City, The Fortress of Solitude, The Daily Planet, and more.

Studio Ghibli is also offering their own fantasy collection including Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, and more.

FOX has released some of it’s most iconic backgrounds, like The Simpson’s Couch, Moe’s Tavern, Bob’s Burgers, and the Family Guy Couch.

Looking for something more kid friendly? Nickelodeon released a bunch of their signature shows as zoom backgrounds.

Michigan State has also decided to give their students some zoom backgrounds in order to make them feel like they’re right back on campus while they study virtually.

If you’re looking for some backgrounds that make you feel like you’re out travelling the world, Airbnb has got you covered with some stunning landscape backgrounds.