Stop Leaving Your Electronic Devices In Your Car. Criminals Have Been Using Them To Determine Which Cars To Rob.

You may think that you are hiding your electronic devices well inside your car by putting them under the seats or covering them with other items. However, thieves have recently begun using Bluetooth and radio scanners to target which vehicles to rob. 

Recent police reports show that more thieves are using this technology which is why their success rate of stealing valuable electronic devices is also increasing. The sale of Bluetooth and radio scanners are not regulated. This means that anybody could buy them and use it for criminal activities. 

How Does it Work? 

It seems that criminals are smarter than many of us think. They are aware that most electronic devices send Bluetooth signals intended for pairing. By using a scanner, thieves can pinpoint the exact location of the device; hence it’s easier and faster for them to smash the car windows and grab the item. 

The use of this modus is commonly utilized during smash and grab theft. Once thieves identify a vehicle with an electronic gadget that they want to steal, they will smash the window and grab the item. It is typically done quickly so even if you only left your car for a couple of minutes, the crime can be over by then. 

You may wonder why thieves are only after electronic devices when stealing the entire car would be more profitable. Well, although cars exponentially cost more than electronic devices, they are difficult to sell when stolen. 

More often than not, when thieves steal cars, they sell them by parts to avoid capture. Electronic devices, on the other hand, are much easier to sell to pawn shops and other unregulated platforms because once they are reformatted, it is already difficult for the original owner to track them down. 

What Can You Do?

Electronic devices can be expensive. If you do not want them to be stolen inside your car, there are several things that you can do. However, the best solution is turning off the device.

Devices that are switched off do not emit any signal scannable by Bluetooth or radio devices which is why if you plan to leave them behind in your car, make sure that they are always turned off. Doing this significantly lessens the chances of your vehicle being targeted for a smash and grab. Make it a habit to check whether your device is on or off before you leave the car. 

Aside from that, it is also crucial for you to keep all your devices password protected. This will prevent thieves from profiting off the device and accessing your essential personal data in case they successfully steal them. 


It’s a scary world out there. Be smart and do not be a victim. 

If criminals are stepping up their game, so should you. Avoid being a victim of this modus by making sure that your devices are not scannable by Bluetooth and radio scanners. If possible, leave them at home where there are more security features that wards away thieves. If that’s not possible, keep the devices with you at all times instead.