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The Best Way To Cool Down This Summer According To Science

If you’re feeling uncomfortably hot this summer, one of the best ways to cool yourself down is to run your wrists under a cold for five minutes. What this does is goes directly to the source, AKA your blood stream!

So why does it work so well? Running your wrists under cold water works well in cooling your body off rapidly due to the fact your blood is closer to the surface than other locations. Your blood stays cool with all those little blood vessels that are on your wrists. The pulse points that are located on your wrists have larger volumes of blood that make it easier to cool yourself down.

Another location that will rapidly lower your body temperature is on the sides and the back of your neck. Cooling yourself through your wrists or on your neck may also help those suffering from mild anxiety and panic attacks. The results vary for every individual person and studies have found that by running your wrists under cold water it has the ability to reduce levels of cortisol, bringing your heart rate down as well as the release of endorphins.

Those major arteries will not only cool your wrists but your entire body as well. Besides your wrists , your neck is the most effective way to cool off your body temperature rapidly, but it works much better than other pressure points. Although these other pressure points may not work as well as the wrists and neck  include your inner thighs, inside your ankles and knees, elbows and the top of your feet.

Whether overheated, hormonal, hot flashes or even your anxiety that is causing overheating, you may find that running cold water on your wrist will be more convenient in situations where splashing your face and neck just isn’t plausible. Don’t go in thinking your body temperature will be reduced and cooled off 100% but it will however leave you temporarily cooler until you’re able to take a refreshing shower or simply just find air conditioning and can cool down.

BONUS: Some other ways to cool your body temperature down…

-Apply ice cubes to your wrists or neck

-Put an ice pack on the back of your neck

-Take a cool shower

-Drinking plenty of ice water