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The Faster You Eat The More Weight You Gain, According To Science

Did you know the faster you eat the more weight you gain? A study showed a fast eater gained 4.2 pounds over 8 years while a slow eater gained only 1.5 pounds. Many of us (most of us if we’re being honest) snack while watching tv, or even eat meals in the living room and not sitting around the table like we should which really can make a difference on how much food we eat and how quickly we feel full. It may be easier said than done to watch the amount you eat but it will however help keep those pounds off. 

You’re probably wondering how does that work? 

When you’re preoccupied watching tv or at a movie with an extra large bag of popcorn that you thought you’d never be able to finish, you’re more likely to eat many more calories as you’re unaware just how much you’re actually eating. Your brain doesn’t process the fact that it’s full and causes us to overeat, consuming more calories. Insulin resistance is a possible concern as it may start off by bigger glucose fluctuations from eating too quickly. 

How long does it actually take to know we’re full? 

We’re all different but eating too fast results in taking in too many calories even before your brain releases signals trying to tell you to stop eating because you’re full. It takes about 20 minutes to get the signal and when you eat slowly, it gives the brain enough time to signal that you’ve eaten enough.

What are some tips you can do to take in fewer calories and slow down your eating?

  • Use smaller plates to trick your mind that you’re eating more. 
  • When watching tv only serve yourself one serving and put the rest away so you don’t get tempted when you see more food.
  • Do squats, situps, pushups, whatever keeps you active during commercials to avoid stepping foot in the kitchen for more.
  • Drink a glass of water before your meal to allow yourself to feel full sooner. 

With our busy lifestyles we can’t always watch every bite we take so we have to make some minor adjustments to our eating habits that will not only be beneficial to our health but to our waistlines. Leisurely eating leads to fewer calories consumed and a healthier weight, it’s as easy as that.