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The Incredible Health Benefits You Get From Colouring

Remember all those countless hours colouring as a kid? The idea of having freshly sharpened pencils and crayons and a brand new colouring book was so exciting! Do you remember trying to find that perfect colouring page that had to be just right and would fit your mood perfectly?

The more we concentrated on colouring, choosing colours and staying in the lines, we would forget about all the other things in our lives (although seriously, what kind of stress did we actually have back then? Really?!) and just focus on the task at hand. Here’s some of the Benefits Colouring can have on your health.

Improves sleep.

Stop messing with electronics before bed at least a half hour prior and pick up a coloring book. The light from electronics reduces melatonin making it difficult to sleep. Coloring helps calm your mind, relaxes and helps you unwind before bed.

Focus improves.

Opening the frontal lobe, coloring requires you to focus. These are what organizes, controls and problem solves as it also reminds us to focus on living in the moment. 

Reduces anxiety and stress.

Measured by the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale, it has been found that in comparison to reading, coloring not only enhances mindfulness but reduces anxiety. Mood is improved, mental stress is reduced and one can simply focus on something other than the anxious feelings they may be feeling. 

Enhances positive thoughts.

Rather than worrying about the negative things that may be running through your mind, the art of coloring helps us enhance our ability to focus on the good for the time being. Focused on picking the color scheme, the correct hues and your ideal page can allow your brain to change those bad thoughts to positive ones simply by looking and focusing on a picture. Give it a try!

If you need to unwind after a long day of work or a never ending day of parenting, sitting in a quiet area simply to colour and relax can be great for your physical and emotional health. With such busy and sometimes stressful lives we forget to stop and take time for ourselves and by investing in a colouring book and some crayons or coloured pencils is all you need to take a little break for yourself and your sanity. If you think you’ll have to colour a child’s colouring book, think again. There are colouring books with mandalas, animals, popular shows and even adult content and swear words if that’s your cup of tea but whatever it is just know there’s a book for everyone!