Where To Spray Perfume To Smell Good All Day Long

Smelling good with your favorite scent just instantly lifts your confidence and mood. Whether you are using Marilyn Monroe’s signature scent, the Chanel No. 5, or you like to dab on different fragrances daily, it all boils down to a single goal – to make you smell good all day long. 

Oftentimes, this is taken the wrong way, as people try to spritz and splash perfumes in excess, which still doesn’t guarantee that it will last long. Even using the most expensive perfumes doesn’t assure you that it will carry on throughout the whole day. Maybe the reason behind it is that you are spraying your perfume in the wrong places. Read on as we share with you other lesser-known parts that could make your perfume last all day.

1. Inside Your wrist

Ideally, we put perfume on our pulse points as this emit heat which can activate your perfumes to make it last longer. Now, this spot is already commonly used by many to whiff on their scents. This area produces a lot of heat to intensify your perfume’s scent to make it last longer. For expressive talkers, giving a gentle dab of perfume on the back of your hands will get others to notice your sweet-smelling scent as you move your hands.

2. Behind your ears

Like the wrists, the area behind your ears is also considered as pulse points in which the veins are nearest to the skin. As explained, these points will generate more heat and thus amplify the fragrance of your perfume. Dabbing your scent into these points will give immediate results.

3. The back of your knees

Now, this may be a shocking revelation for you, but putting perfume on the soft area behind your knees indeed works. Aside from the fact that it also is considered a pressure point, this area is warmer and softer which captures and keeps your scent for a long time. Plus, crossing your leg or moving it around will cause the scent to envelop your entire body. 

4. The base of your throat

A couple of spray of your favorite scent on the base of your throat will maximize the alluring smell of your perfume. The dips of this area will likely retain the scent of your perfume for a longer time. Plus, if you like to wear plunging necklines or strap tops, the fragrance will stem out from the exposed surface area, making you smell good the entire day. 

5. Inside your elbow

If you want a long-lasting diffusion, then spraying your perfume inside your elbows is the best choice for you. This part is quite warm like other pulse points, just that it’s more tuck away than the other points; plus, it also slightly conceals the smell in the arm bends.  To maximize the smell of your perfume in this area, be sure to moisturize first before you dab on your scent. 

Now that you already know where to apply your perfume to have a long-lasting scent, try it to believe it. Smell good all day long without ever worrying that it might not last long. Have a fragrant and sweet-scented smell all day long.