Why You Should Freeze Your Cheese

If you’re an avid cheese lover like me, you have the utmost respect for every piece of cheese you’ve come across in your lifetime. And what way to show your true love for cheese than to throw it in the freezer. Ok, that last sentence may have seemed a little weird if you don’t know why, so let me explain.

There are two little cheese hacks that are both based on putting your cheese in the freezer, and they will both prolong the lifespan of any brick of cheese.

The first reason is if you need to shred a bunch of cheese for a recipe? Stick it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before shredding it. It will shred quicker, smoother, and won’t chunk up on the shredder. Making for an easier clean up and less cheese that gets wasted!

If you’ve ever grated an entire block of warm cheese that’s at room temperature you’ll know exactly how frustrating it can be.

The second hack helps preserving the life span of your cheese. A freezer, like most meats and bread, will slow down the aging process of any block of cheese as well. Simply throw it in the freezer inside a ziploc bag and when you want to use it, defrost in room temperature for 20 minutes, or put it in the refrigerator overnight.

Storing your cheese in the freezer can keep your block fresh for up to three months, as long as it’s stored in an airtight, resealable plastic freezer bag. Shredded cheese can also be used in this method, and does not need to be put in any extra bag other than the one it came in.