You’ve Been Eating These 14 Foods Wrong For Years

It’s pretty easy to get lackadaisical about the food we eat. Sure, trying to eat healthy, real food is arguably the best way to fuel your body. But it can also be kinda boring. 

Life can also get in the way. You’ve had a long day at work. You just want to chill out in a pair of sweats and crash on the couch with Netflix. Cooking a well-balanced meal is likely the last thing on your mind – after all, crushing a bag of chips and a box of cookies is a lot easier. 

Before you let the hangriness take over (and your waistline expand), check out these 15 foods you’ve been eating wrong all along and liven up your everyday go-tos. They’ll motivate you to always find a reason to make time for food. 

1. Wrap lettuce around a hard taco to keep it intact. 

If I wanted a taco salad, I would have ordered a taco salad…

BONUS: Keep tacos upright with a fork. 

2. Use floss to cut cakes and cheese perfectly. 

It’s not like the floss is being used for your teeth…

3. Mason jars make salad easily mobile

Make sure the dressing is at the bottom to keep veggies fresh and crunchy. 

4. Remove strawberry stems with a straw 

Easy peasy. 

5. Peel mangoes with the side of a glass. 

Be careful: don’t push too hard, you might break the glass. 

6. Use a waffle iron to make day-old pizza even better 

You’ll never look to the microwave again…trust us. 

7. You’ll never eat your eggs the same way again.

Also a great way to sneak in your veggies.  

8. Coat french toast in crushed cereal

Add a layer of crunch to this delicious, yet otherwise bland breakfast staple. 

9. When you need desert in a rush

Tip: Add sliced bananas for something a little extra. 

10. The best iced coffee ever. Period. 

11. Cinnamon rolls…with bacon…nuff’ said.

You’ll never look at the Pillsbury Doughboy the same way again. 

12. The humble cupcake, hacked. 

13. Dip bacon in pancake batter. 

Salty and sweet greatness. 

14. Plates in a pinch. 

Another excuse not to cook and order in.