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  • The Ultimate Lemon Water Detox Guide

    Self-indulgence is often seen as a reward. Why wouldn’t it be? We live our lives like we’re in a rat race; so, at the end of the day, we let go of our inhibitions and do our best to relax. A part of our relaxation ritual is ravaging whatever food we can find, junk or […] More

  • If Your Vomit Ever Looks Like THIS Get To A Hospital Immediately

    Your body has evolved to become good at eliminating wastes, toxins, and unwanted substances through biofluid emissions to keep you clean and healthy. These emissions also give you clues about what’s happening inside your body. Your urine color, for example, can tell you whether or not you’re drinking enough fluid. If you blow your nose […] More

  • Feeling Stressed? Grab a Banana or an Avocado to Relax Your Mind

    It is normal to feel stressed. In fact, it can sometimes be useful as it motivates you to push yourself harder. However, if you don’t handle your stress the right way, it will affect your mental and physical health.  Causes of Stress Each person has a different stress trigger. According to a survey, 40% of […] More

  • The Incredible Health Benefits You Get From Colouring

    Remember all those countless hours colouring as a kid? The idea of having freshly sharpened pencils and crayons and a brand new colouring book was so exciting! Do you remember trying to find that perfect colouring page that had to be just right and would fit your mood perfectly? The more we concentrated on colouring, […] More

  • 4 Pressure Points That Will Get Rid Of A Headache

    Headaches can spring on us at any moment with warning. Unfortunately there’s a million headache remedies out there on the internet, so it can be a little tricky to decide which ones work and which ones don’t. The problem is everyone is different, and each headache is different, stemming from multiple causes. One thing you […] More

  • Stop Looking At Your Clock In The Middle Of The Night

    If you wake up in the middle of the night DO NOT check the time. It’s usually irrelevant if you have an alarm set and it’s much harder to get back to sleep when you start to worry about how many hours of sleep you have left. We keep it on our nightstand, under our […] More

  • The Best Way To Cool Down This Summer According To Science

    If you’re feeling uncomfortably hot this summer, one of the best ways to cool yourself down is to run your wrists under a cold for five minutes. What this does is goes directly to the source, AKA your blood stream! So why does it work so well? Running your wrists under cold water works well […] More

  • 5 Health Benefits Of Music You Didn’t Know About

    From lullabies to movies, music is a form of art that is present in almost every aspect and moment of our lives. It can help us express a powerful sentiment or even help remember a special and memorable moment in our lives. It’s also a powerful tool that helps connect us with people who have […] More

  • Writing Down Your Thoughts Before Bed Could Cure Your Insomnia

    If night time thoughts are keeping you awake, write them all down. This clears your head and makes it easier to sleep. You’re laying in bed staring at the ceiling fan with thoughts of everything from what your meal plan for the week will look like, tomorrow’s deadline, or even what you should have said […] More

  • Looking To Boost Your Metabolism? Cold Water Could Be The Answer

    We all know getting enough water is a big part in staying healthy, but did you know that it can actually boost your metabolism too? Drinking 2 cups of COLD water on an empty stomach has recently been proven to boost your metabolism by up to 30%. A great addition to any diet! Our organs […] More

  • Study Suggests Technology Could Be The Reason You’re Staying Up At Night

    Do you often go to bed while scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed or watching a series on Netflix? If so, then you’re significantly reducing your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. According to statistics, around 90% of Americans suffer from the same issue. They often use smartphones and laptops during bedtime, and it’s the […] More

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