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  • One Positive Thought A Day Can Trick Your Brain Into Being Happy

    TLDR; By thinking one positive thought every morning you can psychologically trick your brain into being a happier person. There are many ways you can do to be happy, but there’s one thing that’s proven effective time and time again. We’re talking about rewiring your brain and training it to be happy! The question is, […] More

  • If You Ever See A Halo Around The Sun Or Moon, Get Inside!

    TLDR; If you ever see a halo around the sun or moon get indoors quickly. This almost always means a storm is coming. Have you ever seen a circle of light or halo around the sun or moon? Well, sun and moon halos are unusual sights that have left many alarmed and wondering whether they […] More

  • Never Underestimate The Health Benefits Of Lying Down

    TLDR; The next time you have a life problem, try lying down! You can process your thoughts much faster when you’re lying down. This is why most psychologists have you lie down when you go see them. We all had those moments when we just can’t wrap our heads around a problem we are trying […] More

  • Here’s What Rohypnol (The Date Rape Drug) Tastes Like.

    TLDR; Rohypnol (the date rape drug) tastes very salty. If a drink suddenly has a salty taste, stop drinking it immediately. We don’t hear much about this drug as much as we did in the 90’s, on the news and in the headlines, and even though it’s not as accessible as it was back then, […] More

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