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  • Turns Out Those Little Silica Packets Can Rust-Proof Your Tools.

    Have you ever wondered what those silica packs found in your processed foods and vitamins do? Well, they’re actually used for preserving your processed goods by keeping them dry. That’s why they’re also placed inside shoeboxes to prevent moisture from going in. However, do you know what else they can preserve? Metals! Yes, that’s right! […] More

  • Eating Peanut Butter Before Bed Can Help You Lose Weight. Here’s Why.

    A lot of us have a very close relationship with food. We invest in them, we consume them non-stop, and we proudly show others our little food bumps. Unfortunately, our love affair with food sometimes ends in compromised health conditions, like obesity for example. However, weight gain is not caused by how much you consume […] More

  • 6 Tips Every Runner Needs To Know

    Many runners appear graceful and effortless but the secret is, these people know the proper way to run, not only minimizing injury but maintaining a great pace and excellent form. Running at any age is an amazing way to stay healthy and fit and a great way to clear your mind after a long day. […] More

  • The Ultimate Lemon Water Detox Guide

    Self-indulgence is often seen as a reward. Why wouldn’t it be? We live our lives like we’re in a rat race; so, at the end of the day, we let go of our inhibitions and do our best to relax. A part of our relaxation ritual is ravaging whatever food we can find, junk or […] More

  • If Your Vomit Ever Looks Like THIS Get To A Hospital Immediately

    Your body has evolved to become good at eliminating wastes, toxins, and unwanted substances through biofluid emissions to keep you clean and healthy. These emissions also give you clues about what’s happening inside your body. Your urine color, for example, can tell you whether or not you’re drinking enough fluid. If you blow your nose […] More

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